Don't Drink the Water!

My friend Carlye came over for a little craft night yesterday evening and we made - guess what, more onsies! That's right, everyone is having babies (except us), so I showed her how to make personalized freezer paper stenciled onsies. First we decided on wording, font, and size and then did a mock lay-out on the onsie to make sure it was what we wanted. (Ignore the wording - inside joke between friends) We then cut out an 8.5x11" sheet of freezer paper to feed through my printer - here's an action shot of Carlye cutting the freezer paper. The next step is to painstakingly cut out each letter from the freezer paper with a very sharp scissors or exacto knife. Here is "Baby LaTron" all ready for ironing (iron the shiny, waxy side down to the fabric). Next, iron the stencil to the onsie (making sure to iron on an additional sheet of freezer paper to the inside of the onsie to prevent the paint from seeping through) and let it completely cool. Use heat-setting fabric paint and stencil the paint onto the onsie (being careful to blot - not brush - the paint on). Let them dry slightly. Then, remove the freezer paper and voila - a peronsalized onsie!
Here is Carlye's finished product:
Here's the tie onsie I made
(every GQ baby needs one):


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