Inspiration vs. Reality

As I mentioned before, we bought a new (old) house in February and I have been trying to paint most of the downstairs to make it look more like "us". The bathroom has been an eye-sore ever since we moved in - the photographic proof is to your left. The wainscoting is old and not nearly as clean and bright looking as in the picture. There's a big white claw foot tub to the left and all of the white fixtures just blend into the white wainscotings. So, it was time for a change. I had a picture in my mind of painting the wainscoting black and the yellow walls a greenish blue. Several trips to Hirshfields and 5 quarts later I was still not happy with the look. So I consulted my trusty Color Scheme Bible for more "inspiration" and this is what struck me:

Refreshing, verdant, dewy - exactly what I was looking for. The major colors are blue/green, white, and dark purple - all colors we like and should look good in the bathroom. Two more trips to Hirshfields later and we have this:

The green has two coats, the purple has one. We have since added another coat to each color and the purple is definetely becoming more dark and saturated and not so grapey. The purple needs at least one if not two more coats (4 total!) so it is a work in progress. But looking at them side by side, I'm still wondering if my "inspiration" is reaching reality.