A Quick Gift

Good friends of ours who moved "back home" a couple years ago just had their first child, a little boy named Joel. I have been knitting a baby blanket for them on and off for about 6 months but it's no where near completion. It's time to send a little something crafty in the mail and what could be better than a bootie/onsie set? I made the Bitty Booties pattern from Heather Bailey and just appliqued the letter "j" to a onsie then finished the edge with my sewing machine. All in all it took about 10 mintues to make, and cost under $5 - the perfect quick gift if you ask me!

(click the picture for a close-up of the Bernina blanket stitch I used)


Michelle said…
Wow. Remind me to invite you to my baby shower if we have another baby... that is so cute! Very impressive.