Your Inner Cheerleader

I'm starting a new job soon - same company, new position - and it's a little intimidating. I like change - I seek out change, but it's still a little scary (this is the first time "Engineer" is not part of my title - really scary). It's times like this when I need a little pep talk from my inner cheerleader. Let me introduce you to my inner cheerleader . . .
"It's Me" (circa 1997)
So the next time you're feeling like you need a little encouragement, give yourself a little cheer (or ask me to help you make one up, I've got mad rhyming skills) but more importantly, ask yourself "What does my inner cheerleader look like?" Sometimes the visual is more fun than the actual pep talk. . .

For those of you who are wondering - "It's Me" was an actual cheer.
It went something like this:
Squad: "Who's that Bomber in my tee-pee?" (squad claps and then forms "tee-pee" with arms)
Brandy: (I jump through "tee-pee", do solo dance and say . . .) "It's me, It's me"
Repeat 2 more times for maximum effect.