Book Club & Apron Swap

Last night was book club and I think everyone had a good time. Here's a shot of the eating, drinking, and gabbing . . .
We read The Apron Book and everyone brought an apron to share. We pinned a number to each apron and laid them out for folks to view. Some were vintage, some hand-sewn, and some were even glued!

The most "popular" apron of the evening as one brough by Michelle - (it actually has ties that go around your legs for "protection") The material is a bad 1980's prom lace and there is a "kangaroo" pouch pocket on the front. Here's a picture of Sarah modeling this unique item:

Finally we all drew numbers and found our new aprons - here's a picture of the group assembled in our dining room (ignore the poor picture quality)

And last but not least is a picture of Laura - the proud new owner of Michelle's apron.


Anonymous said…
I'm so sorry I missed it! It looks like you all had a fabulous time.

Since I didn't even make it into work today, it's a good thing I stayed home last nightand kept my germs to myself!
Michelle said…
Great pictures! Too bad your blog readers can't experience the delicious food.