Impulsive Decisions

I hate our kitchen - or I did hate our kitchen until Saturday. This weekend I had to make my book club apron, make give-away apron gifts, clean the house, develop my book club menu and prep the food (and Will planned to rip out a path in the backyard) - you get the idea. Anyway, we almost didn't get together with friends because things were just too busy and then we decided we just had to do something about the kitchen. So a trip to Hirshfields later and we are painting the kitchen late Saturday night. We put another coat up on Sunday (it needs at least 1-2 more) and then starting replacing old outlets and switches around the downstairs. Little did we know that we were embarking on a 4-hour electrical trouble-shooting session that started at 7pm Sunday and ended today with an electrican at our house for 3 hours. Everything is fixed and I'm proud to show you pictures of our "improved" kitchen (that is until I get my remodel!).
Here's a shot of the work in progress-you can see how it looks with all the other blue in the house.

Here's another one after 1 coat of primer- I like the way the cabinets stand out and look more "clean".

And finally, I picture after 2 coats. I think we still need 1-2 more, but this shows the colors a little more truer than the other pictures.

And for comparison - here's a picture we took during our house inspection - I think it's a definite improvement!