How big are babies???

You may remember this post - the one where I made the monkey onsie and booties for little baby Joel. Well, I packaged it all up and thought I had addressed the package, but when I got to the post office, I was missing the house number! So, fast forward 3 months - I still haven't made it back to the post office, and I'm sure little Joel has grown out of the 0-3 month size onsie I orginally had made - so I remade the whole thing in a 3-6 month size. That's sounds good - right? Well, tonight I get ready to blog all of this and I take pictures of the onsies side by side . . .
Which one is "technically" larger?

So the onsie on the left is the 0-3 month size, the one on the right is the duplicate 3-6 month size - what is happening??? How big is a 5 month old baby???


Anonymous said…
Totally depends on the baby!!!!
My Lizzy is 5mo and she still fills out 3-6mo onsies and is now wearing 6-9 with some room to grow (thankgoodness!)No way would I be able to snap the 0-3 onies I currently have. Also I have found that the height is really the key thing in sizes, but I agree those onsies seem backwards.

I'd send both!
Anonymous said…
Maybe younger babies have larger diapers?