We stayed in MN for Thanksgiving this year, that wasn't the original plan, but with all the work and life craziness it was much needed downtime. Thursday was very relaxing, our friends Tim and Carlye came over for a late Thanksgiving Dinner (Carlye had to work), so I spent much of the day in my PJ's reading and knitting.

Will cooked the 15lb bird on the rotisserie - it was a little too big to spin so we had to tie it up, kind of like a girdle, so it could actually rotate. We also had homemade cranberry sauce (my personal favorite) and I bought a special mold just for this sauce:
It's hard to tell in the picture, but it has a nice pineapple molded onto the top (apparently the pineapple is the symbol for hospitality or so Williams-Sonoma tells me . . .) Here's a 3D view just for fun (this sauce & mold really did make my day!)
The rest of the menu consisted of garlic mashed and honey/orange/cinnamon sweet potatoes, a pumpkin bread/sausage stuffing, brussel sprouts w/ bacon, creamed spinach, and rolls. Tim brought a pumpkin creme brulee that was fabulous! Here they are eating :
And here is picture a picture that is best summed up by what you get when you combine:

a husband who does NOT want to go shopping at midnight + a creme brulee torch + a wine cork equals:


Michelle said…
Glad to hear you had a good day! Hope you got to relax a bit. I'd love to hear about the potato swirl...
kaci + tom said…
Kaci and I like the looks of that meal -- unique but not so unique to lose tradition. Very jealous.