Where to begin?

I've taken a break - a long break, a much needed break. Not much crafting happened during the last month. Halloween, my favorite holiday, has come and gone. I did manage to get some Halloween decorations up though, here are a few pictures of my favorites.

I made this wreath from hard candies and directions from good 'ole Martha, the spiders were my own addition because the wreath didn't seem "scary" enough:

Next are my favorites! The spider egg sacks. I hung them from the front porch and the trick-or-treaters were really grossed out! These also came from the Martha Stewart Halloween magazine, but I tried to make them even more "eerie" with some glow in the dark paint. Sadly, the paint didn't glow, but I think I just needed more coats. I'll try again next year.

Our neighborhood had a Halloween party and pumpkin carving contest. I did not win the contest, but this little pumpkin certainly had a fright!

I'm traveling the rest of the week (Huck Fin here I come!) so no more posts until this weekend. Hope you all have a great week!


Michelle said…
Are you going to dine at Lula Bells?

Cute crafts!