Crochet what?

I'm making this adorable hat and mitten set for a co-worker who is due in February. I've completed the hat, but now I have to crochet a picot edging and cherry. Try as I might I just can't figure it out - this is so frustrating!!!!


lauren said…
adorable hat. thanks so much for getting back to me, i love the blogging world. thats funny because the lotus, and fresh cut were actually two of the other lines i was looking at.... i have already purchased two of the "discontinued" fabrics on e bay, and know i find out there impossible to find! AHHH. so thanks for the info i think i will just add some of the lotus fabrics to the ones i bought already. i'll keep you posted and will probably be back to ask some more questions. thanks again.
Anonymous said…
I love it!