Christmas Continued . . .

This year we hosted Christmas and Will's immediate family joined us. We played lots of games, did some good outdoor Minnesota activities, and ate way too much. Here is a picture of all of us before we left for Christmas Eve Service.
This is us about 10 hours later ready to open gifts . . . .
As I mentioned in previous posts, we decided to make our gift this year. Here is Lindsay with the clutch I made her. I used Amy Butler's Madison bag pattern and fabric from her Nigella line.
I made Joan an apron - using Heather Bailey's Freshcut fabric.
Here's another snowman for Joan. To go with the one I made her last year.
Will also made his Christmas gifts - Rod is opening his tea cup and is surprised by Will's pottery talent.
The day after Christmas I just didn't have the shopping vibe - so I used a little Christmas money (thanks Bill & Celia!) and bought myself Guitar Hero - Legends of Rock. It was a hit with almost everyone and we played most of the day. Here's a picture of Nate rocking out!
It's hard to believe Christmas was almost a month ago. I've been very busy with other crafts - many of which will be posted soon.