Crochet Conquered!

With a little help from YouTube I finally conquered the crocheted edging and finished the baby gift just in time for our surprise work shower. Here's a picture of the completed project. This has to be one of my all time favorite projects. The cherry on top is just to die for in person and the mits are so small its hard to believe little baby hands can actually fit in them. I'd highly recommend it for anyone who has a little girl.
On a separate note - no mice have been caught. We think maybe the last one got caught in the walls and died on Sunday - it would certainly help explain why he was thrashing about. We'll continue to monitor the situation through our "peep hole". Hopefully we're done with mice for good!


ebmom said…
Super cute!!! I'm sure the recipient will love them.

Have a great weekend!
Michelle said…
Wow! Who were these for? Baby girls are so fun to dress!