Let's Start at the Beginning . . .

The beginning of the Christmas festivities would be my sister's college graduation. Here's a picture of the graduate eating a celebratory cookie (my personal favorite picture)Here's a couple more of me and my fam-

Will joined us later that evening for dinner and a little early Christmas celebration in the Holiday Inn hotel room. Here's a picture of my sister wearing the apron I made her (every recent graduate needs a custom apron to wear in their first apartment - especially if that apron is color coordinated with mixing bowls, spatulas, knives, etc.)
We had a quick, but very enjoyable weekend. Even though it wasn't Christmas we still got to spend some time together as a family and open gifts together (my favorite part).

As far as handmade gifts go, I made Shay the apron and I made my mom a patchwork belt. This was the first belt I made - you can tell by some of the construction, future belts have turned out much better (sorry mom!).