Confession Friday

Marshmallow, sugar, I love you, you Peep
Bunnies, chicks, even snowman appear in my sleep
Shapes, color, and flavors, every season is new
So many peeps to chose from - what do I do?
You can never eat just one, the situation is dire
They taste like creme brulee when roasted over a fire
So now you all know - I'm obsessed with the peeps
If they ever go away I will certainly weep.


ebmom said…
I LOVE peeps too! I wonder if they did the peep diaramas again this year? Those were hilarious!

Also - on EB hairstyles, honestly my decisions are made by how much she is protesting having to be in a head lock for me to do the pig tails! Hard to be too creative and stylish with a wriggly 11 month old!

Have a good weekend!
Michelle said…
My love for Easter Candy is deep and wide, but it doesn't include Peeps. I favor the Chicks and Bunnies (like circus peanuts) and Candy Corn (which isn't really Easter, but they make them pastel, so that counts, right?).

Enjoy the 50% off peeps now!
Lauren said…
I looooove peeps too and I didn't get any this year! Have you heard of peep jousting or the peep show: