I traveled most of the week - but I brought my book club book with me and became completely obessed with Twilight:I read this book in 1 day - and I couldn't put it down. On my trip home I quickly picked up the sequel - New Moon - during my layover in Houston:

Lucky for me I got stuck on the plane for 8 hours, diverted twice for fuel, so I was able to read the whole thing in one night. Friday night I decided I had to just finish the third book - my favorite by far - Eclipse

I savored this last book - reading it on and off Saturday and then finishing it this evening. The fourth and final book comes out in August - I can hardly wait! Thank you to Adrienne for opening my eyes to the world of teenage vampires and werewolves. I would highly recommend these to anyone who enjoys a good light hearted romance. Click on the book picture for a link to Amazon so you can read a synopsis for yourself.


Michelle said…
Ooh - I think I've found my next books to read! BTW - Houston is in my neck of the woods! If you ever get stuck at Dallas/FtWorth for long, let me know! We are 20 minutes from the airport.