An Early Birthday

Last weekend we celebrated my up-coming birthday with my family. We ate lots of my favorites: hot dogs on the grill, baked french fries, and cake and ice cream. I even got to open my gifts early (more on that later).
We played lots of games - Gestures, Uno Hearts, Guitar Hero - Shay and I tried to resurrect Mall Madness and Back-off-Buzzard but it seems as though electronic games from the early 90's just don't last as long as you had hoped. I did find and bring back home Perfect Match - it's just waiting for a girl's night and a bottle of wine.
Thanks Mom, Dad, and Shay for a great weekend!


Michelle said…
Happy Birthday!! I had no idea it was your special day!

Also - I totally remember Perfect Match. What a blast from the past.

Hope OEP took it easy on you for your big day!