I was going to post a couple of craft projects I completed this weekend, but since Michelle tagged me - those can wait.

What I was doing 10 years ago:
I was getting ready to graduate high school! My 18th birthday was just around the corner (April 4) and I was prepping to go to UW-Madison.

5 Things on my "To-Do" List today:
Grocery Shop, Finish quilting pillow shams, Start Built-by-Wendy shirt pattern, Work-out, take down the Christmas tree. 3 of 5 got done - any guesses?

Snacks I enjoy:
Girl Scout Cookies (see previous post), Cauliflower, those animal crackers in the BT05 vending machine, microwave popcorn (have you tried the new Orville Redenbacher All Natural Salt & Pepper popcorn? Bought it today, verdict is still out).

Things I would do different if I were a billionaire:
Besides the obvious (pay off all loved ones bills, give to charity, be like Oprah) - I would find a way to start some kind of crafty business. I would also build myself a sewing studio and chef's kitchen so I could really have some fun.

3 of my bad habits:
I bite my nails, I rip the skin off my fingers when I'm nervous or anxious (I know that is really weird), and I like to ready US Weekly - I'd read it every week if I didn't feel so guilty about spending $4 on something that is mostly pictures and lies.

5 Places I've lived:
IL, Texas, WI - Kohler & Madison, and now MN - Maple Grove & MPLS!

5 jobs I've had:
Baby-sitter (I use to make $10/hr in 1997!), Lifeguard, Hostess, RA of a college dorm, Chemical Engineer

I'll tag Kate - and the lovely ladies of Generational Viewpoints


Michelle said…
Hi - thanks for playing! I emailed your gmail account last week, maybe it went to your junk file? I tried emailing you at work today (if I spelled your name right...), so hopefully that came through. Let me know.
ebmom said…
You are going to have to fill me in on being "tagged"!