Confession Friday: It's my Birthday!

And I made myself a "Birthday Dress"

We're getting together with friends tonight and I intend to wear my dress. Here are some pics (they're not the best pictures, but I hope to get more when I'm out tonight) It's shift dress- so it has a nice A-line shape which you can't quite see in the photo. The arms are my favorite part - they're 3/4 length and have these contract ties - here's a close-up:
The neckline is raglan with gathering at the center chest and throughout the arms. The detail doesn't really show in the pictures, but it's really flattering.

I made this dress using a Built by Wendy pattern. I'll post my pattern comments/suggestions later.


ebmom said…
Happy Birthday!!! Looking forward to this evening...still hoping to bring EB along. Can't wait to see the dress in person!