Kitchen Remodel - Phase I

For any of you who know us well, you know that I've hated our kitchen since the minute we moved in. There was even an impulsive late night paint-fest to get rid of the awful yellow that screamed at me everyday (in hind-sight, I'm not sure that the result was really any better, but it sure was cathartic).
So, this weekend we begain Phase I of the remodel which included re-doing the kitchen flooring. Here's us just beginning by removing all the quarter-round. It took awhile to get our groove. Will would work on one side of the linoleum - using the heat gun and a putty knife to scrap it up. Then I would work directly opposite of Will - pulling as hard as I could to loosen sections as he scraped. Here's an "in process" pic:
After about 3 hours, we had all the linoluem up. There is quite a bit of glue left on the floor - but all of it should come up with sanding. We tried to scrape it today, but we did more damage than good.
The next step is getting the floor refinished. We're getting quotes this week. After taking the refinishing class I realized that for our square footage, it's about a break-even between letting the pros do it and renting the equipment ourselves. So for now, we're living with one sticky kitchen floor until we can get someone to take care of it.


Anonymous said…
Well look who it is... good ol' W & B living large in Minnesota. Long time since we last talked, but looks like things are going well and tasting good.