Print Gocco

Will got me a Print Gocco for my birthday! I first learned about these through House on Hill Road - I then started doing my own Google and Flickr searches and just had to have one. Will got me the PG11 - which has registration capability (more about that later). The past 2 nights I've finally gotten to play around with it - here's a quick summary in pictures:

My materials all laid out and ready to go (photo-copies of my design)

Load your design and screen into the Print Gocco - that light-bulb thing on the left is then laid on top of the blue part and pushed down - it flashes bright and "burns" your image into the screen

You then load your screen up with ink and press it onto your paper

I used 2 screens for this design and printed the pink/white section first then overlaid the silver on top using the registration mechanism on the machine

Here's a finished Thank You card! It looks really professional in person and it just amazes me how much detail it captures (I had my doubts that the swirls on the lettering would transfer - but it did!)

This warning is the only drawback. Apparently there are some nasty chemicals, and since everything else is in Japanese, I can't really read the safety info, so I'm washing my hands a lot! (click to enlarge photo)


Anonymous said…
Looking forward to seeing this in peson. RKR