Project Updates

Yeah - Michelle had her baby today!

In celebration, I'll share some gifts I made for her. (I'm embarrassed to say I finished these a week or two ago but just got them into the mail today). I'm assuming Michelle is going to be off the internet for a few days with just having a baby and a 3-year at home, so hopefully she'll actually receive the gifts before seeing them below.

Here's a onesie I made using the freezer-paper stencil technique: I found this pattern in Itty Bitty Nursery and just had to make it (it's a pacifier holder). The picture isn't the best, but I couldn't figure out how to truly show how cute it is without putting it in my mouth, which just seemed inappropriate.
And to complete the elephant theme I made this elephant from Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts for Little A.
Michelle and family -I wish you the best and hope you're all adjusting to this very exciting time.


Unknown said…
The elephant is great. Really a neat pattern. Hope you post a picture of you wearing the dress. The material is crazy but interesting. Grandma
Michelle said…
THANK YOU!!! I loved all three! Little A loves her elephant and shows it to everyone that comes over (while I brag that I actually know someone talented enough to make it). The pacifier holder is too cute and I'll definitely send or post pictures when Baby Boy starts using a pacifier. Oh - and thanks for not putting it in your mouth....