The "After" Pictures

Of course we forgot to take "before" pictures of the living room and dining room. Take my word for it - the transformation is incredible. The floors were badly scratched and scuffed, we honestly didn't know if they would be salvageable. The kitchen is amply documented here and here. And I'm proud to post a picture of the finished kitchen floor! The kitchen floor is Maple - it was common during the early 1900s to put a cheaper wood in the "back areas" of the house, so that's what we found when we ripped up the linoleum. It sanded nicely and the color is so warm. Here is a picture of the hallway. The hallway wood was greying and ugly so it was always covered in a long brown rug - No more rug!

We opted to go with a no-VOC natural oil finish for our floors. So the look and feel is really different compared to the polyurethane finish we had before. The wood in the main areas is all Red Oak. The color variation is striking and we really love the way it turned out. Last but not least a picture of the dining and living room.
All the scars that were there before were sanded out and the room looks so much better. We're now anxious to get started on refinishing the woodwork, but one project at a time. This last picture just illustrates the difference between the natural oil finish we chose versus traditional polyurethane. We did not redo the main floor bedrooms (where would all the furniture go?) so you can really see the difference in the bedroom doorways.
If anyone is in the Twin Cities area - I would highly recommend Finnish Projects. Mark was awesome!


Wow the floors look great!