Britex Fabrics

During my 3 day training last week I had the opportunity to meet some really nice people. As I professed my love for "everything crafty" Tiffany mentioned that I should check out Britex Fabrics. I had never heard of it - but apparently her mom spent several hours checking it out on a recent visit. I googled it and it was only 2 blocks from my hotel so I figured - why not. Well, I cannot believe I almost left San Francisco without experiencing Britex. I spent over 2 hours there and only left because they were closing and kicked me out!

The sales staff insisted I start on the 4th floor with all the remnants. I wish I had had a project in mind, or a pattern in hand. There were a lot of 2-3 yard pieces that were beautiful, I just didn't know what I would make with it and most were quite pricey. I then ventured down to the 3rd floor where I spent the majority of my time. The wall of buttons was just to die for and I ended up buying antique freshwater pear buttons to make a bracelet. I also bought an assortment of ribbon and a buckle to make more belts (Pictured below). They had beautiful silk flowers, I almost bought one complete with feather - a la Carrie Bradshaw - but didn't know if I could pull off the look.

After drooling over buttons and ribbon for an hour I made my way down to the second floor and looked through all the cotton shirting fabric. I've been wanting to attempt a button down shirt from Sew U, but I haven't seen any fabric I like. Well - I picked up 2.5 yards of the very summery green polka dot to finally make a shirt. This is going to be my "challenge" project because I will need to use french seams given how see-through the fabric is. There were yards and yards of beautiful Italian shirting - over $60/yard. The wool suit fabric was fabulous as well - I literally touched and stroked anything and everything I could get my hands on. I fell like I should be confessing: "Hello, I'm Brandy, and I have a problem molesting fabric and yarn ".

So that's it - they kicked me out before I could look around the first floor and home decor on 2nd floor. I'll definitely be visiting again!