Confession Friday: I want to be a "Real Housewife of San Francisco"

Most of you know my love for reality tv. One of my favorites is "The Real Housewives" of Orange County and now New York. After spending most of the week in San Francisco - I've decided I just want to be a "Real Housewife of San Francisco". I can do fabulous shopping (I literally drooled while staring into the Prada window), eat at great restaurants, work-out on the beach, see my friend Lauren - what more could you want? I could even take my crafting to a new level with Britex Fabrics (more on that to come).


Joe said…
I usually have to leave the room when this show is on. Can't stand most of these people. I would watch an Edina/Linden Hills version though.

Oh my gosh!! That Britex Fabric Store isn't a fabric store, it is decadent, mind altering place for indulging beyond reason!