It gets worse before it gets better . . .

Since I want to replace the baseboards in the kitchen, it made sense to remove them before we had the floor refinished. There are quite a few places where the plaster is cracked and missing on the wall - you just never know what you're going to find! We also had to remove the frig - which was quite a task. It wouldn't fit through the doorway so we had to take off the doors and cut the water line. It's now in one of the spare bedrooms and will be there for a week or so.
I also wanted to remove the door frame in the kitchen. We took off the door and hinges, and due to all the layers of paint, it cracked the wood. My hope is that we can rebuild it and it'll look clean and simple instead of dented and dingy like it was before. I've never rebuilt a door frame before, so this should be interesting.
Here's another shot - it looks pretty bad, but it cleaned up ok. We also removed the trash compactor (on the top right) and really got an eye-full. More to come on that project later. I'm traveling most of the week, but I'll post pictures of the refinished floors soon.
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