I took vacation last week so I could have a 5-day weekend at home to organize our lives. I have a very stressful job - I am both mentally and emotionally exhausted most days when I come home. Will has an equally stressful work environment - so all it takes is one little trigger to cause a full blown adult melt down (think 2 year old trapped in a 28-year old body, and we're both guilty of it).

So, I decided that we needed to remove the everyday stressors in our life that we could control - you know, the shoes by the back door, the messy bedroom with 2 boxes that have yet to be unpacked 1 year after moving, that pile of papers that are important enough not to throw away, yet not important enough to officially file in the file cabinet, the list goes on and on . . .

I used a planning and debrief tool from work to put together my 5-day plan - complete with identified critical success factors such as "get enough sleep" and "spend quality time as a couple while completing projects" (doesn't that sound like corporate america?). I'm sad to report that we didn't complete everything on the list - but we got close.

The most exciting project of the weekend was the shoe rack we installed. I had seen the j-me shoe rack online about 6 months ago. It seemed like a pretty cool set-up at the time, but it was expensive and required advanced planning due to shipping from Europe. I needed an immediate solution - so after "googling" wall-mounted shoe rack I found the perfect solution from the not martha blog.

Here a picture in progress, it only cost us $22 and took about 2 hours start to finish to install. Notice all the shoes sitting on the stairs - normally they're in a heap on the floor - and inevitably, one of us trips or opens the back door too wide and they go flying down the basement stairs - not a good way to end a day.

Here's the finished result - looking at it makes me smile.
Close up for those who are really interested. And yes, we should have painted or stained the shelves, but I needed an immediate solution this weekend and I did not have the time to watch paint dry!
This week I will likely continue to post about my 5-day quest to get organized - and you'll then learn how truly anal I am.


Anonymous said…
There's nothing wrong with being organized . . . RKR
Anonymous said…
What RKR is really trying to say is there is nothing wrong with being ANAL. I wonder where you get that from???????

Anonymous said…
A new study of 1,000 workers in Europe found that stressful jobs accounted for 45 per cent of new cases of depression. The factors which the scientists isolated as being especially important were excessive demands on the job and extreme time pressures. Not only did they find that these workers, with an average age of 32, were experiencing a high percentage of job-related stress-induced depression, but there appeared to be a 40 percent increase in reports from workers of job stress.