Truly, the Year of the Rodent ...

Editor's Note: Today we have a guest blogger - my husband, Will. While I was away for a bachelorette party he stood tall against the forces of nature, here is his story:

The scene @ 5 PM Saturday: I am sitting upstairs on the couch, watching the lead up to the Preakness. A flicker of motion catches my eye, I turn to see sitting at the top of the steps one bold chipmunk.

In disbelief, I stare at the chipmunk who taunts me with several flicks of the tail. I rise clumsily in a vain effort to corner the chipmunk, but with deft quickness the creature vanishes down the steps.

After a trip to the hardware store, a live bait trap is set with peanut butter as the morsel of temptation. I wait, and wait, until late in the evening I hear the chipmunk snacking on food beneath the stove. Again, proving the antithesis of lithe, I stumble through the kitchen to retrieve my flashlight. As I turn to clamber back into the kitchen I see the chipmunk has mockingly followed; I feign chase, and the chipmunk vanishes in a flurry of motion.

Night passes with no incident.

7 am, Sunday morning: the trap is reloaded with an irrestible smorgasboard of apple slices, peanuts, and sunflower seeds. Mid-morning the end of the chase is signaled by the loud snap of the trap ... one trespassing chipmunk, caught in the jaws of justice:


Michelle said…
I love this story! However, if you keep feeding your rodent intruder such yummy and well balanced snacks, I fear he may come back again. Man, I may come by if you feed me that well! What's a few hours in a cage for a good meal?
Anonymous said…
How did he die?

Sudden blunt force trauma to the head?

A long slow bath at the bottom of the tub while still in the cage?

Or a humane gassing in the oven?

We must know???
Brandy said…
I'm happy to report that the chipmunk did not die. After Will trapped him, he walked him down to the local park that's a couple blocks away and released him.
Varmint hater said…
You shouldn’t have done that. Once incarcerated they can turn mean. I saw a bad one today in the park. I think he was heading your way. Get the trap ready……..