Baby Gift Trio

As I mentioned in an earlier post I have been busy making baby bibs, burp cloths, and onsies for upcoming baby showers. This trio is so quick to put together and in my opinion looks like something you might get at a boutique. I found the bib and burp cloth patterns at Chickpea Sewing Studio. I would definitely recommend checking out her blog - she has a ton of free tutorials and her stuff is just so cute. When I was at Crafty Planet a couple weeks ago I couldn't resist buying a yard of the robot seersucker. I am a sucker for robot prints and seersucker - what a combination! Here is a close up of the onsie I appliqued- it was a little tedious, but worthwhile.
For about $10 and 2 hours, I have a customized, hand-made gift that I hope the new mom will enjoy.


Michelle said…
Super cute. Have you been reading the Matt Logelin blog? He has a thing for robots.

I wish I had half your crafty talent!
Anonymous said…
You are mean with a sewing machine, woman! I am so impressed at your creations, I wished I had known about your blog our earlier! You are now my source of crafty inspiration! All you need is a cute cloth diaper or diaper cover to complete the set ;0)...but that might be dangerous, you sew one and you're hooked, trust me I KNOW...anyway, saying "HI" and letting you know I stopped by to check up on you
Brandy said…
Thanks for stopping by Jenny! It was so good to see you last weekend, we will have to plan our own little 10 year reunion with just you, me, Kelly, and April - that is if the real one doesn't pan out.