Button Bracelet & Catch-Up

I can't believe it's been almost a week since I posted. I was in Northern WI for most of the week for a work offsite and had the best time. I came home with noticeably lighter hair, darker skin, and more bug bites and bruises than I can count. The bug bites are self explanatory, but the bruises were mostly caused by an "Amazing Race" activity which required me to jump off a 4-ft platform, swing over a muddy creek to another platform, all without getting wet. Needless to say after 4 attempts I still didn't quite get it (neither did my other co-workers at that point) so I have many bumps and bruises from the attempt (not to mention mud in places it doesn't belong). Enough about last week - bring on the crafts!

This project started with my San Fran trip and surprise visit to Britex Fabrics. I bought a velvet ribbon, plenty of vintage freshwater pearl buttons, and hardware to make a bracelet. Here is the finished result:
I love bracelets, but this one is just so pretty I can't help but run my fingers over all the buttons every time I wear it. After picking out the buttons, it only took an hour or so to sew them onto the ribbon and finish the bracelet - quite a quick and satisfying project. Here is a shot of the braclet wearing in action.


Lauren said…
LOVE IT!!!!! I totally want one.

Anonymous said…
SERIOUSLY! you make me sick ;0)
I don't have your email, you have mine - use it!
Anonymous said…
...hmm, don't knwo why I am anonymous...it's me, jenny
Anonymous said…
That is just gorgeous! You should bring it down to show Grandma and I would also love to see it in person. Looking forward to seeing you most of all! Love, Aunt SAS