Chic Bulletin Board

When we lived in our town home, we desperately needed a catch-all for paper organization, calendars, upcoming sports tickets, etc. So, with a little help from good old Martha, I made a fabric covered bulletin board. After we moved, a never found a place for the 4 foot long bulletin board - it was just too large. So, last weekend I ripped out the staples holding the fabric, Will took out the circular saw and cut it down to size, then I cut off the excess fabric and reattached one side. It's slightly lop-sided, but I think that's ok. Now this can hold all those important papers that need to hang around for a bit, but don't really fit into our "filing system". The colors don't quite match with the back entry-way, but that space is next for remodel after the kitchen.

Hanging board -it took all of 15 minutes to cut down and hang
(click to enlarge)
Here's a close-up of the stretched elastic and upholstery tack. This comes in really handy to hold papers, especially pictures or invites that you don't want to ruin with a thumb tack.
I'd highly recommend this project for anyone who is looking for a chic and customized way to stay organized. The Homosote board was a little hard to find (Menards was the only local store that carried it) - but other than that the project is a breeze. It's also a great excuse to go out and buy a staple gun - endless hours of fun!


Tim said…
I loved the pizza coupons on the board!
ebmom said…
EB made the board!
Love the idea - may have to construct one of my own for our kitchen wall!
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