Cookbook Review

Although I love "the Martha" I have a love/hate relationship with her cookbooks. There are some stellar, prize worthy recipes - such as the gingerbread from Martha's Baking Handbook. But, there are also some huge duds - like the lasagna from her New Classics Cookbook which took 5 hours to make and tasted so bad I couldn't eat it.

So a couple months ago I saw her new Everyday Food cookbook - it's a compilation of recipes from her Everday Food magazine and the focus is on "Good Food Fast".

I can't express how much a LOVE this cookbook. It's broken into seasons, which is a little weird to navigate at first, but makes sense if you like to shop for seasonal food the farmers market or co-op. Every recipe has a full color photo and can be made in 20-40 minutes. I've found that I'm not the fastest chopper, so if I prep my veggies/spices/meat the day before (or on Sunday night for the week) I can throw together most of the recipes in less than 30 mintues, including clean-up! We've made about 8 of the recipes so far (which is pretty good, I get bored with cookbooks easily and I keep going back to this one) and they've all been good. Most of them I will make again with small adjustments (chicken stock in place of water, a touch of parmesan cheese here or there, etc.) but they have all been flavorful and more importantly - extremely healthy. I never thought I would enjoy a zucchini or asparagus soup as a main course, but they're surprisingly refreshing out on the back deck.

Although I'm not quite sold on all the Martha cookbooks - this is one that I now cannot live without.


Lauren said…
Ok, i am buying this. you are the second person who loves it. i just bought tartine and hello cupcake...they are soooo fun. i also just made my first banana cream pie. it was fabulous!!!