Just Like Riding a Bike

When we first moved to Minnesota and I started working, I had some extra time on my hands. Work wasn't nearly as busy as it is now and Will had just started grad school so I had lots of free time to kill. Cake decorating was always something I wanted to learn so I took the Wilton courses at a local Michaels. I actually got really into cake baking and decorating and even sold a few birthday cakes and 1 wedding cake. Fast forward 6 years, I still love to do cakes - but now I have WAY more hobbies that compete for my time so cake decorating is strictly for "special occasions". Last Saturday was just one of those occasions - my friend Betsy's birthday. She sent out "barrel of monkeys" invites, so I decided to continue the theme and make a really tacky birthday cake. She has a great sense of humor so I knew she would appreciate this masterpiece: It's a spice cake with chocolate frosting (her favorite). I cheated and used Betty Crocker frosting which I have never done before. I would NOT recommend it. As you can see in the picture it started to melt and continued to all night. It still tasted great, but I felt so bad about the melting. I truly believe cakes taste better when they are pretty and I was a little heart broken over this one, but the birthday girl didn't seem to mind.


Never mind about the melting frosting...that cake looks soooo good, my mouth is watering!
Anonymous said…
Love it. Great job!