BWCA Conquered

I thought I would sum up our trip by numbers:

786 - total rods portaged (16.5ft/rod)
27.6 - total miles traveled during our 4 day trip
60 - liters of water filtered
32 - grams of fiber per serving in a dehydrated meal
24 - number of smores eaten
22 - mph of wind gusts we paddled through
19 - fish caught
18 - feet of firewood chopped
7.5 - showers taken in the woods
6 - liters of wine we drank
2 - rolls of toliet paper used
1 - stolen glass
0.5 - lbs of coffee consumed
Here are a couple of my favorite pics: The moose Carlye found

Will portaging the canoe

Playing with camera exposure and a hot stick


Carlye and I with our morning coffee

You can find the rest of our trip pictures and more commentary at my Flickr page.


Lauren said…
I love the pink coat and the red hair!!! Can't wait to see you this weekend!