I finished it!

I finished the book, and regarless of what others say it was the perfect ending to one of the most romantic stories I've ever read. This series has made me swoon more than Pride & Prejudice (which I love and read annually) so that's saying quite a lot.

Now I just have to prepare for the book signing and concert in Chicago on Tuesday. Adrienne and I are road-tripping, with a little side trip to my parents' to say hi. It's so geeky that we're going (I'm half tempted to make us 'Team Edward' t-shirts) but it will be so satisfying.

There has been alot of crafting going on in my July absence - if you want a sneak peek check out my Flickr pictures (link on the right hand toolbar). Also - it's almost my 100th post, and I'll be doing a give-away to celebrate!


Lauren said…
Wow. I have heard this book is the rage and this author is the new JK Rowling. Now I didn't love the first one but your posts have made me think i should consider reading the others.