Birthday Pants

Two friends of mine recently had birthdays - and despite the fact the days have come and gone - I wanted to make something special for them. I was looking for something quick - and was inspired by house on hill road - so I decided to make lounge pants. I have Amy Butler's In Stitches just sitting on the book shelf so I got out my trusty roll of freezer paper and made some patterns. Leighann's pair was first, and I cut them about 4" shorter than called for and used bias tape for the draw string. I also modified the way in which I attached the "cuff" to avoid the hand sewing she recommends. I added a little ric-rac trim to the bottom and voila: These took about 3 hours to make and cost $7! Who doesn't love ric rac?

Carlye's pair was next. Again I modified the bottom cuff and used yet another method to attach. I was really enjoying experimenting, so I also added some applique and spare trim I had lying around.
Applique from 'Lotus' fabric
I'd like to take a moment and give a shout-out to Will, who is a very progressive husband for modeling these for me.

I am now so jealous of these pants, I need to make a pair for me! Will was very concerned that they were much too wide, but I'll have to wait for feedback from the girls before I make any pattern adjustments.


Leighann said…
They are so comfy - I absolutely love them! And of course, the stitching/sewing is perfect. :o)

Thanks again!
Anonymous said…
I also love them. The fit is perfect...nice and comfy. I love that Will was your "model" for the pictures!

Michelle said…
You know, my birthday is Wednesday... just saying...

Nice work! Oh, and I will try to get pictures of baby-wearing instructions up soon. Have a great week!
Will, you have found your new look!