Baby Shower Fun

As more and more of my friends start to have babies, I need to find new and different handmade gifts. I recently bought Amy Butler's new Little Stitches for Little Ones and it is full of great patterns. My friends Andy and Betsy are having a little girl, so I decided to really go girly for the gift. I went to my favorite store and found Amy's new line of fabrics - Daisy Chain. After her Lotus line, I really haven't been moved by her 2 recent fabric launches, but Daisy Chain is different. With each fabric I just picture a skirt, jacket, apron (more to come on these ideas later!). Anyway, I bought 3 different coordinating fabrics and here is the result:

Kimono-style PJ's, Custom burp cloths, and the book 'Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots?'

(it was an ABC themed shower)

Kimono close-up

Burp cloth close-up

They were both a huge hit. Burp cloths are so easy to make and everyone is easily impressed by them so I use them as a standard add-on to any baby gift I give. The kimono was easy to make as well- it took about 4 weeknights which is only a couple of hours. I made the 9-12 month size (the largest in the book) and although it seemed a little small, I really didn't have a reference point. Amy's new book is delightful - I'd highly recommend it to any expecting sewing mama. One day (in the distant future) I think I will put this book to good use.


Too cute!! That baby is going to be stylin!!
Lauren said…
so cute...i think i might want to have kids just so that you will send me some of your handmade baby clothes! Seriously, they are darling!