Things have been a whirlwind lately - work is crazy, we've been traveling, the kitchen is still a mess, and I have done very little in the way of crafting in the last couple of weeks. Those crafts I have finished (Celia's winning prize, Michelle's b-day gift) - I can't seem to get to the post office before they close to actually mail them out. So, here's a sneak peak:

Trio of Pin-cushions made just for Celia
I also made a Jasmine sachet for Michelle using the same pattern and the green fabric seen above.

For those of you that are actually reading this and keep checking for updates after my 3-week hiatius, there's a prize in store for you - a copy of the "Daily Spice" pattern from Heather Bailey. I accidently got an extra when I placed my "early-bird order" on her web-site. I'll give you until the end of the weekend (Sunday) to leave a comment on this post and announce the randomly chosen winner sometime next week. (And I promise I'll get this prize in the mail in a timely manner!)
Side note: I don't know why my pictures look so weird on the blog - if you click on them to my Flickr site, the quality is much better. I'll add it to my 'to-do' list . . .


Lauren said…
Glad you're back....was wondering what was going on!!!

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Whoops seems I can't type so I deleted my earlier comment. I think the pictures came out great. I actually was going to make these because I thought they were so clever. Making them into sachets is a great idea!!
Anonymous said…
Way to go Brandy, I can hardly wait until those darling little pin cushions arrive. I can really use them. Love Celia
Lindsay said…
man now I'm sad that i didn't win the last contest...even though I don't sew, so therefore I don't really need pin cushions...but nonetheless they are super cute!
Hey, how many times can we leave comments? I figure if you are going to use the random numeration generator program (or whatever the heck it was called) again that I might improve my odds of winning by posting more comments!
Lauren said…
Brandy, I just realized that despite how much I want to win...i can't sew. So i guess the prize won't be much fun. I would like to learn to sew at some point however and if I did, i would make aprons like you.