Crafting with Mom & Dad

While Will took off for a fishing weekend out west (trip was delayed from the previous weekend due to snow in Montana), I was home enjoying a long weekend visit with my parents. I recognized that this weekend was a prime opportunity to put them to work and help with the kitchen remodel. My dad is pretty handy, so I planned for the two of us to tackle the ceiling repair work. My mom patiently waited on us and difused any 'tense' moments that arose. All in all we had a very sucessful weekend - check out the results:

Progression of the 4 major celing holes - most of them are ready for final sanding and then priming!There were several moments of consultation required:
But in the end, we figured out a pretty good system. After repairing the old lathe we screwed the drywall in so it was secure. The next trick was using 2 different filling compounds: one that we mixed ourselves and hard set in 5-7 minutes (first coat - essential for filling holes in the ceiling), the second was a premixed compound that stays wet for 24 hours (great for finishing and feathering).

While all the ceiling repair work was underway my mom and I did a little side craft project. While shopping at Paper Source we found the cutest cardboard letters that could be covered. My mom wanted one for her office so we bought some supplies and got started.

Materials laid out and ready to go
'R' in progress

We used 3 different papers from 2 different stores and I do not think it could have come out any cuter. We simply cut out the paper and glued it to the letter - nothing fancy - although it did take a certain amount of finess around the seams. I can't wait to make one for myself!

For any of you that were wondering, I think it's pretty clear where I got my craftiness from . . .
thanks Mom & Dad! (more pics here)


Lauren said…
I love the letters!!!!!