Kitchen Update

Last weekend was full of fun. First we un-installed the countertops and lower cabinets that line the south end of the kitchen.

More demo followed as we removed plaster/fiber board and the old insulation. We then re-insulated.

Drywall was next - and that's about as far as we made it before having to put the cabinets back in place. Next up is cement board installation over the drywall. We had intended to do a peice a night this week - that obviously hasn't happpened, so we continue to get behind . . .

On the bright side (pun intended) the electrical work we had done a few weeks ago was the best money we've spent so far. Just look at how clean the recessed lighting is (they have to come back and install the final halogen lamps, but you get the idea).
The downside to electrical work is the wall/ceiling repair that follows. Something tells me I'm going to get very good at plaster repair . . .


Wow...things are really looking good. Grandpa D. will really be pleased that you decided to insulate behind the cupboards...guess his books for drywall repair will come in handy. Good job guys!
Michelle said…
You guys never fail to impress me! Are you keeping the orange color? I really like it, but you seem to change your colors frequently, so I don't want to get attached. :)
Thanks for the fun and wonderful smelling package yesterday. Audrey, who is strangely big on smelling everything, carried it around a lot. I managed to get it away and stash it in my closet which now smells heavenly!
Lauren said… guys are remodeling rockstars!