Lounge Pants

I finally broke down and made myself a pair of Amy Butler's Lounge Pants from In Stitches. I used fabric from her new Daisey Chain line.
I would like to change the name of these pants to "Live-In" pants because I simply do not want to take them off.
As soon as I get home from work they go on - it's true love I tell you.

If you're able to sew, I highly encourage you to pick up a copy of her book, 2.75 yards of fabric, and set aside 3 hours ( a glass of wine helps too). You'll thank me for it.


Michelle said…
Must be nice to know you could quit your day job and have such a cool skill to fall back on!

Awesome pants. Oh, and this morning Audrey asked me to take the jasmine satchet down so she could smell it. She asked what was in there and when I said jasmine, she asked "the princess from Aladdin?" Too funny.