Ozark Handspun Hat

I picked up a skein of Ozark Handspun while Will and I were in Bayfield last year. It's pretty pricey ($40/30 yards), but it was so unusual and beautiful I just had to have it. The yarn is very "natural" and I often had to pick pieces of vegetation out of it while knitting. Using size 17 needles and the free pattern from their site (scroll down a ways), I whipped this hat up during an episode of Mad Men (which is less than 1 hour!). I wore this hat all last weekend - and loved how frivolous and carefree it is. Will calls it ridiculous, but what does he know. I'm currently working on another hat for me (from my yarn stash no less) and I hope to finish by the weekend. A girl's got to have several hats in rotation when she decides not to shower on a Saturday!


Anonymous said…
Just keep turning the thermostat down and Will will want one for himself.

Love ya,

kaci + tom said…
I love this hat! it looks soo comfy.