Best Tool Ever

Do you hate making bias tape?

I mean, do you really, really hate making bias tape to the point where you would consider abandoning the project if it requires bias tape?
I do, and I will (when stressed)
Now - Look no further than the Clover bias-tape maker!(please ignore the ugly, stained ironing pad)

Now you still have to cut and sew the strips (which gets less scary each time) - but the act of actually double folding get much, much easier. I have these in 2 different sizes and am considering buying everyone they make.


Lauren said…
i have no idea what you are talking about..what is bias tape for the sewing-challenged such as myself.

Brandy said…
Bias tape is simply strips of fabric that are cut on the bias and used mostly around unfinished edges. Cutting it on the bias makes the strips stretchy so that they can cover curves, etc. I used bias binding on the edges of the the baby kimono as an example.
Rebecca said…
So, I didn't even own a sewing machine yet when you posted this. But for some reason this bias tape maker stuck with me. So when I got the latest O&S pattern that needs a bunch of bias tape I bought myself a bias tape maker- all because of this blog post. And I used it tonight and you are right- it is amazing!!