A Button Shopping Spree & Some Old Friends

Before I begin to discuss the joys of antique buttons, some old friends came to visit last night . . . that's right, they're back! Will thought I was crazy last night when I woke him up, but they were scratching inside the bedroom walls and squealing at one another. Needless to say we will be calling in the professionals quickly - since half the kitchen is still ripped up Will thinks they could actually get out of the walls and come attack us at night (he's little dramatic don't you think?). In the meantime we've set a ton of traps and now we wait.

On a much craftier note, I recently made a haul at an Antique Button Show. I just happened to be visiting LYS websites looking for Malibrigo and noticed that Linden Hills Yarn was having a button show. It was like I died and went to heaven. After much consultation I decided on 3 different button sets (although there many, many more I wanted).
All of the buttons are carded with dates and as much origin info as possible.
Although I didn't know what I would make with them at the time of purchase, I have since picked out projects for each button set (more on that later).
I'm not sure which is my favorite. Do you have a preference?
Finally, when I checked out the lady said "You really like shiny things". I immediately looked at Will and said "It's the Grandma Simpson in me". And as I think about it, she's probably one of the only people who would truely appreciate my button find. I might need to bring them with me at Christmas . . .


Loved your old buttons. It made me look at all the old buttons I have. Some of them came from my mother and mother-in-law. Didn't know if they were as special as yours but enjoyed seeing what you bought. Grams D
Anonymous said…
Shiny things = RHR.
Leighann said…
I agree with Will - call in the professionals ASAP! As for the buttons, my favoite is the Aurora Moonglow, but all are very nice.
Lauren said…
i loooooove those!!