A few things dawned on me several weeks ago:
  1. I like to knit
  2. I have a lot of yarn laying around
  3. I live in Minnesota
  4. I really, really like to knit
  5. I'm cold
  6. Must start knitting hats immediately!!!!
The Ozark Handspun hat from a few posts ago was the first hat I've knit for myself. I've made plenty of hats for other people, just not me. After making this pattern as a Christmas gift - I decided I needed one as well. Here is the finished product:

Pattern: Thorpe - with some modifications

Yarn: Lambs Pride Bulky and some novelty yarn I bought 3 yrs ago

Needles: Size 8 circular (it was a little tight, should have bought a 9)

I love this hat, I've already worn it around the house and to the grocery store a few times. It will definetely be coming with me to Wyoming on Saturday. I just bought some Malibrigo last night for another new hat - a beret! Pics to come after Thanksgiving.


Rebecca said…
That is such a cute hat!! I love the pattern and colors/novelty yarn that you chose. I too love to knit, live in MN, and am really bad at knitting things for myself!
Lauren said…
i really love the fact i saw it on your flickr page and i decided that i should learn how to knit i put like 10 books on knitting and knitting hats on hold at the library. woo hoo!
Anonymous said…
Love the hat - one of my favorites!