Toddy Time!

One of my favorite holiday traditions is the "Hot Toddy" - more specifically the Tom & Jerry (or T&J as Will and I affectionately call them). This is a long-lived tradition that we inherited from my in-laws, and I don't know how I survived the long winter months without one.

T&J Recipe:
Put the following in a mug:
1 large (overflowing) shot of Brandy
1 heaping spoonful of T&J Batter
Fill mug with hot water and mix until frothy
Top w/ nutmeg (freshly grated is the best)

We can buy Tom & Jerry batter at the local grocery or liquor store. My in-laws have a great homemade recipe as well (but it doesn't last). I highly recommend that you try one this holiday season.


Anonymous said…
Hi Brandy,
I've come over from your comment left on my blog...:)...That Toddy sure looks good! I wonder if we can get this here is Quebec, Canada? It sure looks good. Is it something like a rum & eggnog?

For the cards, well, I have a little secret that I learned last year! I put a piece of Aida on a frame, in January and when I felt like stitching, I stitched Christmas motives. By having the frame set up I stitched while watching tv. It was neat, stitching Christmas in the summer and before I realized it, I had quite a few done. I am going to do the same this year but put linen and change my motifs....secrets ;).

Enjoy your holidays and I will be back to visit!

That sounds delish... but what is Tom & Jerry batter? (Not something we have here in New Zealand!)
Hi Brandy!
I found you through Feeling Stitchy. Love your blog and wish I could knit! Oh I have to tell you I am sooo jealous you got a signed book by the Barefoot Contessa herself. My husband bought me her latest for Christmas (I have all of hers!) I love how down to earth she seems.

Happy Holidays to you! I will be following your blog! :)

Sheri from
Brandy said…
T&J batter is made from eggs, vanilla, and powdered sugar. It can be difficult to find T&J batter - we currently can't find any in the Chicago-land area. 'Google' Tom & Jerry batter and you'll find a couple recipes to try.
Leighann said…
I remember when you introduced me to this delicious winter treat - I've been a fan ever since. I'm already looking forward to enjoying some next winter since I can't now. :O)