Kitchen Transformation in Pictures

We're about 60% there - still have a ton of plastering, wood work, and tiling to do. Will and I have spent most of our holiday time-off getting this far - bets on when we'll finish?


Leighann said…
Wow, looks amazing now so I can't imagine how good it will look like when it's completely done. Great job!
Keep going....we want to see the tile!!!
ebmom said…
For your sake I hope it is fast than our bathroom remodel (going on year 5!) However, Chad is laying the tile floor today!!

Your kitchen is looking good though. I'd say another 3 months before it is 100%. Probably only 1month to get to 95% - it's always the very last details that seem to drag on and on and on!
Rebecca said…
I love how your new kitchen looks!! It looks awesome!!