Taxi Tote

As soon as I saw the hexagon-patched Taxi Tote on Anna Maria Horner's blog, I knew I had to make it. Luckily, I received the pattern for Christmas (from the book Seams to Me). After placing an order for a Fabric Stack I was ready to begin. It look about an afternoon to cut out all the hexagons and pattern pieces (I used 6 of the 8 fabrics).
It took several hours to sew together all the hexagons. I started by sewing them into strips, then it got a little harder. After much 'googling' I just decided to wing it and ended up sewing each individual side as in independent seam - backstitching at each end. I could then reposition and pin the next side. This resulted in hexagons that were mostly 'square' and met up at the corners. After my 'hexagon fabric' was complete, it was time for top-stitching. I decided I wanted to top stitch each individual hexagon in a coordinating thread. I think I used 4 different colors all together - that took another couple of hours.
I also took the liberty to have some fun with the interior pockets. I added 3 pockets in all - 2 large ones on the back side of the purse and one special pocket (note the ric-rac!) for my new phone :Assembly of the bag went quite quickly and was super easy. I opted to use purchased extra-wide double fold bias tape instead of making my own. I just love how this bag turned out - especially the explosion of color from all the different fabrics.
The shape of this bag is really great when hung on a shoulder (or door). But I also love how slouchy it is when you sit it down. And it's amazing how much it can carry - today my purse contained:
  • Diet Mountain Dew
  • Lean Cuisine
  • Yogurt
  • Umbrella
  • Sunglasses
  • Wallet
  • Ipod
  • Quart sized plastic bag full of lip gloss (can you tell I fly a lot?)

As the final test, I always question whether the handmade item I make is 'Anthropologie' or 'Holly Hobby'. The overwhelming response to this bag has been Anthropologie - which makes me think I should make a few more!


Unknown said…
Neat bag, looks great! Surprised how much you got in it. I liked the material. Grams
Terriaw said…
Oh my, I love this bag! Thank you for providing such a great review of the process. I have fabric sitting out waiting to be cut into hexagons, and now I feel like I know what to expect. Great job - it's really fabulous!
Your bag turned out great. If you make more, it might be helpful to check out how to sew Y seams...might save you some frustration in putting those hexagons together. It's not an easy thing to do and I am amazed you got your bag together so nicely.
Lauren said…
Love it!! You are an amazingly crafty woman!
Anonymous said…
This would make a great gift! (Hint . . . )
Rebecca said…
Love the bag! I have been inspired by your blog! I got a sewing machine for Christmas and I am trying to figure out some sewing. Do you have any handy books that your would recommend as sewing reference books? Or good websites?
Brandy said…
Most good 'sewing project' books have a reference section that discuss fabric, construction, etc. Depending on what you want to make, I'd recommend several books. 'Sew U' is a great apparel sewing book. 'Seams To Me' is another good book with a great reference section and a variety of projects (apparel, home decor, bags, etc). Amy Butler also has a great baby/kid sewing book, but it's for the intermediate sewer. I'd also recommend a beginner sewing class - you'll learn a ton and leave with a completed project - Crafty Planet has good beginner classes and I've had great luck there. If you want more info - give me a call. Good luck sewing!
marteks said…
Very nice bag! I love the color explosion! It gives a feeling of summer and warm weather and must be the perfect companion on a dark winter day.

Thank you for your visit and nice comment on my blog a few months ago. And thanks to feeling stitchy I now have another nice blog to follow :)