Crochet Class

As I mentioned previously I took a 3 week 'Beginning Crochet' class at Needlework Unlimited. The first week we learned how to chain, single, double, and half-double crochet. I practiced by making 5 washcloths and a scarf.
These are dish cloths for the kitchen - simple squares with 1 or 2 stitches combined. I love using these to clean pots and pans, I don't think I'll ever go back to store-bought dish cloths.After the dish cloths I decided to step it up a little and actually use a pattern. I found this on wash cloth on Ravelry and loved the pattern so I made it for me.
After making a wash cloth for myself, Will had to have one too. Yet another pattern off Ravelry and I made this little number. The flower is separate, I was playing around with flowers and Will placed it on the wash cloth during the photo shoot.
Next is my rainbow scarf. I used leftover yarn from one of the many baby blankets I've made and practiced my single crochet. About 2500 stitches later, I know my single crochet.

The next class I learned how to make granny squares which are now one of my favorite things! I've taken all of the scrap yarn I have around the house and I'm trying to make a pillow cover for the couch - pics of that coming soon.

The last week I learned how to read a pattern. I chose a slipper pattern from Ravelry and used some left-over yarn I had laying around.

I haven't finished the second slipper yet - but I'm half way done with it. Crochet is really fun and very different than knitting. I'm still knitting quite a bit, but crochet allows me to work with color and shape in a completely new way - I'm hooked! (ha, ha - get it? crochet hook?)


Leighann said…
Wow, very impressive! I can't believe you've only been crocheting for a few weeks!
Lauren said…
You are so talented! I heart your rainbow scarf- so brillant and beautiful!! Also, I took a granny square class 10 years ago and now have 12 squares- not enough for the blanket...perhaps 12 future potholders?
Anonymous said…
I can't belive it. I've been to three knitting classes and haven't finished a project yet!! My washclothes definately don't look anything like yours!!

Also, I like those slippers. Feel free to make some for a Christmas or Birthday present!! :)