And The Winner Is . . .

Before I announce who won - let's take a quick stroll through all the unfinished projects . . .

Project 1: Unfinished Apron
Waiting patiently for one last bias tape seam for over 4 months!

Project 2&3: Bibs
Waiting for pearl snaps to be added - otherwise they are 98% complete!

Project 4: Crewel Sampler
Started either last year or 2 years ago on my birthday - I will finish this soon!

Project 5: Embroidered Towel
Waiting for the embroidery - I added the ribbon trim, but never got to the Christmas embroidery I had planned.

Project 6: Pedicure Socks
Started these on a work trip to Mexico then never finished - one day I will. These socks are larger gauge than normal socks and are toe-less, making them perfect for cold weather pedicures.

Project 7: Granny Square Pillow
Started this during my crochet class and have made decent progress. They just need to be joined together - and I need to make a large square for the back panel.

Project 8: MN Apron
This was for a friend - I bought a MN State bag at a Quilting show and intended to use it for aprons - this has been laying around since 2007 all cut up, I finally finished it on Sunday.

Project 9: Vintage Velvet ScarfI think this project is at least 3 years old if not older. I get in a groove with it then just get bored.

Project 10: Quilt
Started this last week during quilting class

Project 11: Barcelona Skirt
I made 2 of these one weekend and cut out the fabric for a third then I just fizzled. I need to finish soon with all the nice weather we're having.

Project 12: Jaywalker Socks
These were started during a capital project installation while I was still in Engineering which was over 3 years ago! I'm only half way through the first sock.

Project 13: Kiogu Socks
I started these as a gift for my mom but decided they were just too much work to give away (sorry mom!) I hope to finish them for myself one day. Again, only half way through the first sock.

Project 14: Crocheted Slipper
Started these the last day of crochet class - finished one but haven't really started in on the second one.

Project 15: Yo-Yo Table Runner
Yo-Yo's are almost complete (a couple more to sew up) then I can start the process of laying them out and sewing it all together. I'm waiting for a weekend when Will is gone so I can take over the dining room table and plow through the hand sewing while watching girly movies.

Project 17: Mother's Day Gift
(no picture - sorry!)
All the fabric is cut, sewing just needs to be completed

So, all in all there are 17 unfinished projects which puts Drew as the lucky winner!
Stay tuned to find out what Drew wins.

As a final note, the sad thing about all of this is that I have many more projects in the "queue" - these are just the ones I started and never completed. There are many more in the "idea" stage and a handful more in the "I purchased everything haven't had time to get to it" stage.
Maybe I should consider crafting full-time . . .


Adrienne said…
i want pedicure socks. i love them.
Lauren said…
I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the apron!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
I like all the projects . . . a few favorites . . . blue unfinished socks . . . pedicure socks would be a nice alternative . . love the MN apron . . . It all looks great! RKR