I'm Back and Ready to Craft!

Wow - it's been awhile since I've blogged. Right around mid-March I came down with a nasty sinus infection and 2 weeks of work travel. I followed that with a trip to Chicago to visit family and then my birthday weekend last week. But, that doesn't mean I haven't been crafting (or baking more bread!).

For my birthday Will got me a quilting class at my favorite local fabric store. We're starting by making a simple rail fence pattern - I picked out really fun fabrics for my lap-sized quilt:

The top three are my light, medium, and dark fabrics for the "fence"

The bottom fabrics are the backing, binding, and border (from left to right, respectively).
Click on the picture for a better view

I'd seen these fabrics before - they're Heather Ross' Mendocino Line, but I never really liked them. However, I recently bought Heather's new book "Weekend Sewing" (review coming soon) and much of this fabric is featured in the book. The more and more I page through that book, the more and more I fell in love with these fabrics. I lucked out Crafty Planet happened to carry almost the entire line.

Monday was my first class - it went well, I finished all the strip cutting/sewing homework during class (I just have pressing left). Next week we start to actually cut blocks and assemble the quilt top - I'll be sure to post pics of my progress.